Aircraft Insurance

Aircraft Insurance
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At Catalyst Aviation Insurance, our aircraft insurance provides coverage against physical loss or damage to your aircraft in the event of an accident.

Our policies, covering aircraft hull physical damage, third party legal liability and passenger legal liability, are based on the latest version of AVN1D, offering a flexible approach to policy coverage.  This policy document format has stood the test of time for the insured and insurers over many years.

The aircraft sum insured can be agreed between the insured and the insurer, generally based on the market value of the aircraft.

The use of the aircraft and the experience of the pilots are also taken into account when determining the premium for the risk.

We offer cover in Australia for CASA and RAA registered aircraft. Most VH- registered fixed wing aircraft are acceptable. In New Zealand, the same appetite applies to ZK- registered aircraft. Similarly for aircraft registered in Asia and Pacific. Whether for private, business or pleasure or for commercial activity these risks are of interest to Catalyst Aviation Insurance.  

Catalyst Aviation Insurance is a service driven business. The brokers we work with are kept informed throughout the underwriting process and can expect prompt finalisation on all valid claims.

Brokers can expect:

  • Prompt response to inquiries
  • Detailed policies
  • Excellent communication
  • Efficient service
  • The use of established professional loss adjustors in the region
  • Claims services managed from Melbourne

Catalyst Aviation Insurance has ample underwriting capacity available for General Aviation risks in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia and the Pacific region.

Pre-arranged underwriting capacity is available to the agency in Melbourne automatically. No referral process for day to day business to London underwriters is required. 

We will accept lines on regional airlines on a co-insurance basis. Maximum seating capacity for these risks is 61 seats. Some small variations are acceptable depending on aircraft type.

If you are an aircraft owner-contact your insurance broker to arrange a quote and if you are a licensed insurance broker contact us to arrange a quote for your client.