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Cover for Aircraft on the Ground

Hangars Keepers Insurance

Hangarkeepers insurance provides cover for aircraft and associated risks while on the ground. Covering potential issues that come with the storage, movement and maintenance of aircraft, our insurance policies include cover for:

  • Aircraft damage
  • Equipment damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Issues with the sale of aircraft
  • Issues with repairs of aircraft

Liability Coverage

Due to the nature of operating hangar keepers and the involvement of third parties, our insurance policies focus on three different areas of liability:

  • Your liability as owner or operator
  • Liability for aircraft not owned by you but is under your control or responsibility
  • Liability for goods sold, maintenance or repairs after the aircraft equipment has left your care
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  • How much does hangar keeper's insurance cost?

    The cost will depend on a number of factors. Here is some of what we look when putting your quote together:

    Aircraft Type

    This includes aircraft age, make, model and modifications.

    Aircraft Value

    Typically, this is based on an agreed value prior to the quote.

    Pilot Experience

    We consider total flying time, time on different types of aircraft, time on the make and model of helicopter, and claims history.

    Claims History

    Past claims history for the owner, operator and/or business.