Hangarkeepers Liability and Aerospace Risks

Hangarkeepers Liability and Aerospace Risks

Catalyst Aviation Insurance underwrites Hangarkeepers Liability Insurance, protecting the hangar owner or an airfield owner and operator for third party liability.

Cover is in three sections:

  • Premises Liability
  • Hangarkeepers Liability
  • Products legal Liability

We find this insurance is needed most where work is performed on another party’s aircraft such as repairs or, for example, where an aircraft is stored. Many claims arise from negligent moving of an aircraft causing damage.

As well as providing indemnity cover, this policy also covers the legal costs of defending claims made against the insured.

We will consider risks involved in aircraft repair and service, aircraft storage and aircraft dealerships.

Aerospace Risks include airfield liability risks and airport owners and operators risk. Large airports are on a co-insurance basis and regional airports may be for 100 per cent or co-insurance share. 

Aviation ground handlers liability, aviation fuellers and refuellers liability, and aviation products liability are all of interest to Catalyst Aviation Insurance underwriters.

At Catalyst Aviation Insurance, we use the Ariel48Fly001 wording. Separate standard London market policy wordings adapted for this region are available for most aerospace liability risks.

Throughout the underwriting process our team will keep brokers informed of the progress and outcome of any applications. They can also expect prompt settlement on finalisation of valid claims.

Brokers can expect:

  • Prompt response to inquiries
  • Detailed policies
  • Excellent communication
  • Efficient service
  • The use of established professional loss adjustors in the region
  • Claims services managed from Melbourne

If you are an airfield or hangar operator or have aviation liability exposures ask your insurance broker to arrange a quote.