Helicopter Insurance

Helicopter Insurance

Catalyst Aviation Insurance understands the risks involved in helicopter operations. 

Our policies can potentially cover all types of helicopter risks. Coverage is similar to that of fixed wing aircraft – covering physical loss or damage and the associated liabilities to and of your helicopter in the event of an accident.

The policy details will vary for this class depending on helicopter activity and use, pilot experience and accident record. We can insure both private owner/operator and commercial fleet helicopters. We have a preference to accept turbine engine helicopter risks. We have a preference for risks with stable consistent operations with sufficiently experienced pilots.

Our risk assessment approach is driven by understanding all the available underwriting information on a given risk.  Our premium rating will be determined based on the information you the broker provide to us.

With an experienced claims team any claims made will be dealt with promptly and efficiently. We are focused on the needs of the client.

With Catalyst Aviation Insurance, there are no surprises along the way, brokers are kept informed throughout the underwriting and claims process and can expect prompt finalisation on all valid claims.

Brokers can expect:

  • Prompt response to inquiries
  • Detailed policies
  • Excellent communication
  • Efficient service
  • The use of established professional loss adjustors in the region
  • Claims services managed from Melbourne

If you are an aircraft owner-contact your insurance broker to arrange a quote and if you are a licensed insurance broker contact us to arrange a quote.